(C) 2006 Mariama Thiam-Demba
Pastor Mariama Thiam-DembaAmbassador for Christ
Acts 4:12                                   THERE'S A HEAVEN TO GAIN AND A HELL TO SHUN;           Phillippians 2:5 - 11St. John 3:16                                          BELIEVE IN JESUS, GOD'S ONLY SON!                   St. John 3:5 - 7Romans 10:9 - 10                                               (c) 1999 Mariama Thiam-Demba                             Ecclesiastes 12:13 - 14
II Cor. 5:20
Have you ever wanted to travel to  Africa with a purpose in mind?
Come and join me at Destiny's  Prophetic Conference in Kenya, Africa.

Destiny Ministries International

Destiny Worship Center
Thika, Keny

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Hosts:  Bishop Titus and  Rev. Jaminah Mbai

Bishop Titus and Jaminah Mbai
Destiny Ministries International